Group Training

Kid's Karate

This focuses on physical strength and agility or mental capacity by learning karate techniques. They will participate in local tournaments and will gain experience in testing the skills they've learned outside the classroom.

Adult's Karate

Adult Karate training is a wonderful opportunity for students to practice karate techniques and work with other students. you'll gain momentum and energy, qualities which will motivate, encourage, and achieve your techniques and exercise together.

Women Self Defense

We teach Women Self Defense Course by combining Traditional teaching of Martial Arts in Martial Way by categorizing into Prevention and awareness;Assertiveness and verbal self-defense; and Physical self-defense

Women Only Karate

This open level class includes conditioning, hand, foot & stepping basics, partner drills, forms and bag work. This class is designed for women only.  A regular karate training emphasizing techniques for women and their empowerment

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