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Chief Instructor.Sensei. Senbag Rajamani

Sensei Senbag Rajamani has been practicing Shotokan Karate-Do since 1985. Sensei took over the Dojo when his Sensei left the town on 1986 in India. Since then, he has been teaching Shotokan Karate-Do to multitude of students in many countries including India, UAE and USA. He has conducted many seminars and organized several rallies to support World Peace, National Integration, Environmental Protection and Women Empowerment with support of International Organizations such as Lions Club, Rotary Club, and Sierra Club. He is a CPR and Sports Injury prevention certified instructor.
Sensei has been advocating Martial Arts training to the women of all ages since he started teaching Martial Arts. He conducted several Martial Arts program for Women, including free workshops on Rape Prevention techniques and strategies, Street Aware and You in You. He came to USA for his higher education in 1997 and landed in South Dakota State University, Brookings SD. He taught Karate to the university students, family and friends and didn't have any formal dojo. He moved to Maryland in 1999 to pursue his career as Senior Software Engineer, and started teaching Shotokan Karate to kids and adults.
Sensei Rajamani's Zen Karate Academy is affliated with Japan Shotokan Karate Association JSKA -USA headed by Sensei Thomas Casale. He is a Executive board member of JSKA-PanAM and active member in International Union of Karate-Do Organizations (IUKO). Currently, Sensei Rajamani is holding 5th Degree Black Belt in Japan Shotokan Karate Association . He participated and won several national, regional tournaments and awarded as a Best Instructor many times in his endeavor. He is a PMI Certified Project Manager and President of IT Program Management consultant firm, InTerms LLC. He lives with his wife and two children who were a Black Belt karateka also.

Instructor.Sensei. Dhyan Senbag Rajamani

Dhyan Senbag Rajamani has been practicing Zen Karate Academy.

Instructor.Sensei. Yoga Senbag Rajamani

Yoga Senbag Rajamani has been practicing Zen Karate Academy.