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Welcome to Zen Karate Academy -JSKA

We are located in BOYDS, MD, a Suburban Maryland. We teach traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate.

About our school

Zen Karate Academy aka JSKA of Washington DC is a proud member of Japan Shotokan Karate Association- USA headed by Sensei. Thomas Casale. Zen Karate is affiliated with the USA Karate (Formerly United States of America National Karate-do Federation (USA-NKF)) which is the recognized national governing body for karate by the United States Olympic Committee. Our Founder and Chief Instructor, Sensei. Senbag Rajamani, 5th degree Black Belt has been teaching Karate for more than 20 years, and trained with world's renowned martial artists. All of our dojo instructors are CPR certified and trained in Sports Injury Prevention program.

congratulations Zen Karate Academy students!

list of students promoted on 1st feb 2015


Deepak Menon 1 Kyu Brown 1
Aneesh Arunkumar 1 Kyu Brown 1
Mythili Menon 1 Kyu Brown 1
Nishan Abeywardena 3 Kyu Brown 3
Varun Das 4 Kyu Purple
Saisha Das 5 Kyu Blue
Saharsh Miryala 5 Kyu Blue
Gauri Vellanoore 5 Kyu Blue
Aadithya Mohan 5 Kyu Blue
Kiran Manoj 5 Kyu Blue
Saketh Jaikumar   6 Kyu Green
Rishi Vinod 8 Kyu Yellow
Diya Arunkumar 8 Kyu Yellow
Aditi Kodukula 8 Kyu Yellow
Krishay Parasuram Iyer 7 Kyu Orange
Lakshmi Venkataramanan
8 Kyu  Yellow
Leadership Award:
Sensei.Dhyan Rajamani
Aneesh Arunkumar,
Awards of Excellence:
Deepak Menon,
Mythili Menon,
Aditi Kodukula
Instructor Award:
Sensei.Yoga Rajamani

Zen Karate Academy Updates

New classes are forming in clarksburg, MD!
Monday and Friday
6.00 to 7.00 PM
Location : Rockey hill middle school
22401 Brick heaven way, Clarksburg MD 20871
Classes are taught by: Sensei.Senbag Rajamani

New classes are forming in Boyds, MD!
Tuesday and Thursday
6.15 to 7.00 PM Begginers/Novice
7.00 to 8.00 PM Advances
Location : 14704 Bubbling spring road, Boyds MD 20841
Classes are taught by: Sensei.Senbag Rajamani

Contact Information
Phone : (240) 461 1325
Email :
Website :